Sep 28

Whitrope – Railways On The Air, 27/28th September 2008 GB0WRH

Whitrope Railway Heritage Centre, near Hawick.

Railways on the Air

Some members of the club took part in the Railways On The Air event by setting up a station at Whitrope.

Oct 22

Open Day 2006

22nd October 2006

Sep 17

Hartwoodmyres, Sep 2006

The equipment was set up on the hill at Hartwoodmyres near Selkirk. Dave (GM0KCN) set up his HF dipole (coming down from a long pole, raised by pulley system) and operated his Yaesu 757GX set powered by 12v car battery (still attached to the car)! A vertical fishing pole antenna was also set up.

Colin (MM1APS) arrived and set up his vertical “screwdriver” HF antenna and Kenwood TS50 powered by the biggest sealed-lead-acid “Gell-cell” battery you’ve ever seen!

Jim (GM7LUN), George (GM1OPO) and Mike (MM3NTX) came along and helped out.

Several contacts were made by both Dave and Colin, and a good day was had by all. NB No frogs were harmed during the making of this website…