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Club Information

Callsign - Name:

Golf Mike Four Yankee Echo Quebec

Galashiels, Scottish Borders

IARU/Maidenhead Locator:

55°36' N, 2°48'W

Current Propogation Status

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Local Repeaters

Local Repeaters

There are a large number of repeater stations on both 2m and 70cm bands. This is a small selection of repeaters in our local area. Some of which are maintained by club members.

GB3SB – Scotish Borders
Output Frequency: 145.650 MHz
Input Frequency: 145.050 Mhz (-600kHz)
Location: Selkirk IO85ON
Echolink: 116678
CTCSS: 118.8Hz

GB3DU – Duns
Output Frequency: 145.7625 MHz
Input Frequency: 145.1625 MHz (-600kHz)
Location: Duns IO85SS
Access: 1750Hz Burst
CTCSS: 118.8Hz on Output only
Max Deviation: 2.5kHz

GB3HK – Hawick (Selkirk)
Output Frequency: 433.050 MHz
Input Frequency: 434.650 MHz (+1.6MHz)
Location: Selkirk IO85ON
CTCSS: 118.8Hz

GB3FF – Firth of Forth
Output Frequency: 145.600 MHz
Input Frequency: 145.000 MHz (-600kHz)
Location: Kelty, Fife IO86GC
CTCSS: 103.5Hz

GB3BT – Berwick upon Tweed
Output Frequency: 145.700 MHz
Input Frequency: 145.100 MHz (-600kHz)
Location: Berwick IO85WT
CTCSS: 118.8Hz

GB3BE – Berwick (Duns)
Output Frequency: 430.8625 MHz
Input Frequency: 438.4625 MHz (+7.6MHz)
Location: Duns IO85SS
Access: 1750Hz Burst
Max Deviation: 5kHz

GB3LB – Lothian and Borders
Output Frequency: 145.7875 MHz
Input Frequency: 145.1875 MHz (-600kHz)
Location: Lauder IO85NS
Access: CTCSS
CTCSS: 118.8Hz Input for access, 118.8Hz on Output.
Max Deviation: 2.5kHz