Local Repeaters

Local Repeaters

There are a large number of repeater stations on both 2m and 70cm bands. This is a small selection of repeaters in our local area. Some of which are maintained by club members.

GB3SB – Selkirk
Output Frequency: 145.650 MHz
Input Frequency: 145.050 Mhz (-600 kHz)
Location: Selkirk IO85ON
CTCSS: 118.8Hz
Max Deviation: 2.5kHz

GB7EY – Selkirk
Output Frequency: 439.5125 MHz
Input Frequency: 430.5125 MHz (-9.0 MHz)
Location: Selkirk IO85NN
DMR: Colour Code 1, Networked to DV Scotland DMR+ Network
D-STAR: Networked to DCS600 Reflector
YSF: Networked to GB-DVSCOTLAND Reflector (93284)

GB3DU – Duns
Output Frequency: 145.7625 MHz
Input Frequency: 145.1625 MHz (-600 kHz)
Location: Duns IO85SS
CTCSS: 118.8Hz (Use tone squelch to filter out DMR traffic on analogue sets)
Max Deviation: 2.5kHz
MULTIMODE: FM and DMR (not networked).
DMR: Colour Code 1.
Use Talkgroup 9 on Timeslot 1 for calling, switch to TG9 on timeslot 2 for longer QSOs.

GB3HK – Selkirk
Output Frequency: 433.050 MHz
Input Frequency: 434.650 MHz (+1.6 MHz)
Location: Selkirk IO85ON
CTCSS: 118.8Hz

GB3BT – Berwick upon Tweed
Output Frequency: 145.700 MHz
Input Frequency: 145.100 MHz (-600 kHz)
Location: Berwick IO85WT
CTCSS: 118.8Hz

GB3BE – Duns
Output Frequency: 430.8625 MHz
Input Frequency: 438.4625 MHz (+7.6 MHz)
Location: Duns IO85SS
Access: 1750Hz Burst
Max Deviation: 5kHz

GB3LB – Lauder
Output Frequency: 145.7875 MHz
Input Frequency: 145.1875 MHz (-600 kHz)
Location: Lauder IO85NS
Access: CTCSS
CTCSS: 118.8Hz Input for access, 118.8Hz on Output.
Max Deviation: 2.5kHz

  1. Can you please tell me if this year’s rally is on now we all had a jab and virus restrictions are been realax
    Thanks for your time ,73’s

    • As yet, no decision has been made. Probably Level 0 in next few weeks, but anything can happen in the following 3 months. Live Borders (who we rent the halls from) are reopening halls and community centres from the end of August, and there’s no information yet on any restrictions of occupancy per room volume when they do. The hall may be available but we might not be allowed to have 200 people fill it, vaccinated or not.
      We’re still pencilled in for 24th Oct.
      Sorry I can’t be more definite either way. We haven’t decided to cancel as yet, but other than that it’s out of our hands until closer to the date.

      Michael MM3NTX

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