Monthly Archives: May 2023

Wednesday Nights

Here are a few photos of some Wednesday night meetings’ technical goings-on. Not the same night, but several nights at the start of 2023.

We had a “magnetic loop” antenna night when several members brought their various magnetic loop antennas to look at. Bob GM4CID tested them for frequency and efficiency using a MiniVNA analyser.

Also Colin MM1APS was looking inside a Kenwood TK-705 mobile set to fault find problems with it.

Opening up a vintage Cambridge Pye shortwave radio.

Colin brought in an old valve tester to test some vacuum tubes for another piece of equipment.

Colin fixing a member’s Icom IC-756 Pro-II radio. Spot the destroyed component he’s trying to replace.

Mike MM3NTX brought in his Icom IC-706 radio to be frequency-calibrated because he was told it was “very slightly off” when he bought it second-hand. Colin brought in his frequency standard (receiving the 60kHz MSF signal from Anthorn) to calibrate the club’s frequency counter, and then in-turn used that to adjust the Icom. The radio was 400Hz out at about 145MHz, adjusted to within about 5Hz of frequency which is pretty good.

John GM7MUN brought in his old 486 PC running MS-DOS as it had the hardware and software to program his Philips FM 1000 mobile sets. Bob helped him with the programming.