Club Nights – Wednesdays

Every Wednesday night at 8pm, we all meet at the Focus Centre in Galashiels.

During the evening it’s a chance to catch up with each other and have a general chat about anything, not just amateur radio.

Sometimes, a member will bring in a radio or other piece of equipment for everyone to look at, and quite often the lid gets taken off and the insides tinkered with.

Sometimes we set up the club radio and make some contacts, or set it up alongside the computer to listen to data-mode signals, such as SSTY, RTTY or PSK31.

Anyone interested in amateur radio, is welcome to come along and have a chat with the club and there’s even tea and coffee available.

4 thoughts on “Club Nights – Wednesdays

  1. Hi, now some of the covid restrictions are lifted, are club meetings back on. I am interested in joining the club. I have no experience of this other than as a user in the military and home office.

    • Hi John, yes confirmed club nights are on again as of next week. Wednesday 8th September, time 2000-2200 at Focus Centre, Livingstone Place Galashiels. You’re welcome to come along and meet the members and see what we do.
      Mike MM3NTX

  2. Hi guys, could someone remove the banner at the top saying meetings are suspended. I’ve just pinged Mike GM4HCY citing this page – but explained that the heading is historic..

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