Rally and Open Day 2018 – Sunday 21st October

The 2018 Annual Open Day and Rally was held on Sunday the 21st of October 2018

Another very successful rally.

Many thanks to the Traders for filling the hall with their goods, the club members who helped out on the day with setting up and packing up of traders goods, manning the doors and the Bring & Buy stall, and to the visitors who came from far and wide to our open day.

Video Courtesy of Delboy Enterprises.



Bob McClements
Perth RG
GQRP Scotland
Davy Jackson (Canny Components)
Mick Hunter
Kevin Avery
Alan Clegg
Dave Bagshaw
Tony Kruszelnicki
Martin Stokes (Mirfield Electronics)
J Dosher
Geoff Darby (Worked All Britain)
Ken Elliott GM4NTX
Peter Bates GM4BYF

Bring and Buy Stall

Hot and cold refreshments



6 thoughts on “Rally and Open Day 2018 – Sunday 21st October

  1. Hi
    I was wondering who to contact about booking a table for the Rally you run in October I have sent an email to the Chairman @galaradioclub.co.uk about this request but not sure if it was sent.

  2. Hi

    emailled a couple of months back about booking 2 tables at the rally in October but did not have a reply. If there are any available could you let me know please?

    73 Tony G0OJJ

  3. Hi all, could you tell me who the new components trader was at the top of the hall i.e. on the top left as you enter the hall through the main entrance? I need to get in touch with them and didn’t get their name. Also, who was the chap called Alan selling valves and second hand equipment on the left as you entered the hall trading as? Someone I know is interested in a particular set he had on sale. Thank you. Any help would be appreciated. A great little rally as usual and enjoyed the day out.

    • Hi Alan

      Glad you enjoyed the rally!
      The chap with the components between the main entrance and the fire exit was Martin Stokes (Mirfield Electronics), and the chap with the valves between the main entrance and the Bring & Buy was Alan Clegg. I’ll email you with their contact details.

      Mike MM3NTX (site admin)

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