CANCELLED: 2020 Rally and Open Day – Sunday 25th October 2020

It is with much regret that the organisers of the annual Galashiels Rally have cancelled the 2020 event. This was due to be held on 25 October. In consideration of our primary responsibilities to the health and welfare of volunteers, traders and visitors we have decided that this cancellation is the right decision. The environment in which the event is held presents unique and very difficult challenges in protecting social distancing, preventing handling of equipment and controlling numbers in a confined area. Arrangements are in hand for returning to the Volunteer Hall on the 24 October 2021 and we look forward to seeing you there.

  1. joseph yeardly

    Is this still planed to go ahead ? as we will be in level 0

    • As yet, no decision has been made. Probably Level 0 in next few weeks, but anything can happen in the following 3 months. Live Borders (who we rent the halls from) are reopening halls and community centres from the end of August, and there’s no information yet on any restrictions of occupancy per room volume when they do. The hall may be available but we might not be allowed to have 200 people fill it, vaccinated or not.
      We’re still pencilled in for 24th Oct.
      Sorry I can’t be more definite either way. We haven’t decided to cancel as yet, but other than that it’s out of our hands until closer to the date.

      Michael MM3NTX

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